Gnosia Review: Nintendo Switch Gnosia Game First Impression

What do you get when you crossover Among Us with a visual novel?

Gnosia is an impostor sniffing game. Know any other games that follow that path?

Danganronpa is one of them. Virtue’s Last Reward series is another. Frankly, great games in their own rights.

But there comes the latest entry to the list for 2021: a Nintendo Switch game called Gnosia.

Gnosia is a single-player whodunnit game set on space. Among a group of people, you are categorized as either part of the uninformed majority, the humans and the informed minority, the Gnosia.

The Gnosia game starts off with you as part of the human faction. You have to pick and weed out the Gnosia – who are admittedly trying very hard to camouflage themselves as human – before they fulfill their win condition.

The Gnosia wins if they equal or outnumber the humans. The humans win once they put all Gnosia into cold sleep.

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The Game Isn’t Just About Enemy Hunting

The unique part about the game is after each game or round is completed, you re-enter this loop of sorts that does a whole list of things.

By undergoing a loop, you are guaranteed these experiences:

  • Introduce new characters (and number of characters per round)
  • Randomize roles (or pick and customize to your liking)
  • Introduce new human sided roles – like the doctor, engineer, guardian angel, and guard duty
  • Level Up bonuses and new skills you can use during discussion time
  • Build up on character development
  • Add interesting plot points independent of Gnosia hunting
  • Flesh out the plot after each loop

That’s essentially it. The characters themselves are unique and interesting.

But I guess my main gripe of the story is it’s repetitiveness in dialogue. It lacks any flavor aside from the usual hashes of “I doubt this person.” or “Nah, they’re good.”

Although that’s the main appeal of games like this in the first place, I can’t help but feel that Gnosia missed on the chance to improve character dialogue.

I mean, c’mon, if Danganronpa goes for the same price and build upon characters and VAs and a compelling narrative, why couldn’t Gnosia?

Is Gnosia A Good Game?

It’s enjoyable. The randomness faculty makes it interesting – and the fact that I could choose which faction I get to play in the later loops does make for a good curated experience.

But as a thrifty gamer, I feel a little cut short with this game. The repetitive dialogue is just too much of a flaw for me to consider it a masterpiece. But the characters themselves were interesting, and the music did add to the mood.

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Would I recommend Gnosia?

Among Us is free on the App Store and Google Play. Just kidding.

Gnosia is fun but I wouldn’t call it the best game on the Nintendo Switch. I wouldn’t rave over it unlike Danganronpa or Among Us, but the mystery visual novel formula does have a soft spot in my heart.

6.5/10 – Good

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