Pokemon UNITE! – New Nintendo Switch Pokemon Game To Be Released on July

The all-new Pokemon game Pokemon Unite releases on Nintendo Switch and mobile devices very soon this July 2021! The mobile version of the game will follow suit the following month, on September. You can also cross-play with friends and family with the game in both Nintendo switch and mobile devices. This allows you to battle with trainers or battle against them.

A collaboration with game developers Game Freak, Tencent, TINI, and Nintendo, Pokemon UNITE’s brings a new type of gameplay that’s never before seen in the Pokemon genre. It falls under the spinoff category – similar to Pokemon Dash, Pokemon Quest, and Pokemon Mystery Dungeon and the like. This MOBA-like Pokemon game is also Game Freak’s first time dabbling with the real time strategy game format.

New Pokemon Nintendo Switch Game

If you log in using your Pokemon Trainer Club account or Nintendo account as you play this game, your game data will sync to any device where you’re account is active. With this feature, you can play from the comfort of your sofa watching TV on your Nintendo Switch console. You may also play on the go with the mobile version on the game.

Pokemon UNITE Trailer

The trailer in Pokemon UNITE’s Youtube channel shows a plethora of familiar Pokemon across all generations. Notable Pokemon include the Gen 6 starters, Froakey and Fennekin, a Gen 1 favorite, Slowpoke, and other popular fan favorites, like Absol, Gengar, and Gible.

The evolutions of the Generation 6 Starter Pokemon are also seen in the trailer of the game.

Pokemon UNITE Website

Alongside the first announcement of the Pokemon UNITE trailer on Youtube, there’s also a new dedicated website for the Pokemon Unite game on the official Pokemon website.

Here, Pokemon will be the first to send updates on the latest news and development of the game. This would also include any succeeding updates following the release of the game, which may include Pokemon Unite DLC.

Pokemon Unite Languages

You can play this game in Italian, French, Spanish, and German later in this year. Japanese and English are made available on the launch day across both devices.

If you’re excited to play the latest Pokemon MOBA game, be sure to stay tuned for more around the clock updates in this website and the Pokemon UNITE Channel. With that, I’ll take to you soon.

As for us, we’re looking forward to the latest Pokemon Nintendo Switch games (like Gnosia) and will be sticking for more updates.

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