Fire Emblem: Three Houses (FE3H) Review [Spoiler-Free]

It took me a little less than 40 hours to play Fire Emblem Three Houses (FE3H), but I’d consider it one of the best Nintendo game titles out there for the Switch. I chose the Black Eagle route with Edelgard first, and have only completed the story up to her point. But even after the ending, I feel compelled to restart anew and play to try out the other houses too. Especially FE3H Dmitri. This Nintendo Switch game is that good.

The FE3H Black Eagle Route

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The Black Eagle route is the alternative branch you can play where you will be playing with Edelgard, Hubert, and the rest of the Black Eagle house. These characters are the ones who are closest to you and go to battle with, so the story will be tied in with these characters by your side predominantly. Although for most of the game, you can interact and recruit the other house characters as well if you have the skills available. The story itself is great with some surprising twists and turns that will have you shocked and sickened. The last chapters of the story is simply heartbreaking no matter what route you play in, especially if you develop a fondness for the story’s characters.

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FE3H Battle System and Best FE3H Characters

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I thoroughly enjoyed playing through Fire Emblem Three Houses (FE3H). The story is enthralling and the battle system is simple yet effective. . From Abilities, Batallions, Items, Trading, and Combat Arts, you’ll have multiple ways to beef up your characters to play the way you want them to play. The game difficulty scaled pretty easily early on even on Hard Mode, but the last few battles were rigorous and tough in their own right. In particular, some FE3H characters were absolute beast mode for majority of the game after a class upgrade (looking at you, FE3H Petra), while others were great consistent units that served their purpose phenomenally, like FE3H Lindhardt and his healing abilities.

FE3H has more than 30 characters, believe it or not. And you can have tea time with all of them. Having Tea Time with Dmitri, I must say, was one of the most nerve-wracking experiences I’ve had in the game. But I digress. These times spent with characters riddled around the Monastery help you develop a bond with them, which makes for a very interesting last couple of rounds.

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Best FE3H Weapons

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There’s a nice variety of weapons to use and you can fully customize each of them with a set of skills. You can also hire new battle features called “Battalions” which are limited but restorable perks that your units can equip and play in battle. These Battalions could either act as damage dealers, immobilizers, healing methods, or movement utility. My favorite and best FE3H Battalion for me is Stride, which for the turn increases movement among units within a radius.

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Fire Emblem’s Voice Actors Did Not Disappoint

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The graphics serviced me well and the voice acting is one of the best. The voice lines for each character is so full of life I can’t help but marvel at the poetic greatness and articulate mastery of the scriptwriter. The support stories made for a great time too, especially hearing the quirky conversations of fundamentally different character archetypes.

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Fire Emblem Three Houses Soundtrack

The soundtrack and the overall feel of the game was very good as well (I did not have any complaints about it). The music in general was very good, with tempos that match the mood and pace of the game. The progression system is quite repetitive but it’s a good time to develop your professor’s skills to recruit characters early on. The side quest battles also provide a good training ground for the FE3H characters to level up.

The Classes

While Blythe (your character) is a professor, I don’t mean classes in school. Don’t get me wrong, there are absolutely are classes in the game to help level up your unit’s skills if that was what you were wondering. But the Classes, by which I mean the character classes like Warlock and Sniper, are also great progression metrics that’s handled well in the game.

How it works: You can only get a Certificate to level up once your character reaches a level benchmark. Not only that, but your character must also be proficient in the class’s main skill attribute. So to become a Sniper, for example, your unit should have at least a C or B proficiency to take (or ace) the test. The ways to bring this stat up is by gaining experience through battles or through manually-instructed classes.

The Controls

You know what, I actually have to applaud the developers with how intuitive the controls are. No space is wasted and most of what I needed in the screen can be found, or at least, I’d end up knowing where to look for them. The reason I had to bring this up is because FE3H juggles a lot of things in terms of character customizability. But despite that, the game’s control system is quick, easy to learn and intuitive.

Wrapping Up (Closing Thoughts)

Sometimes an ordinary game can hold your hand as you learn to play, becoming your guide through the varied and sometimes daunting environments. But in Fire Emblem Three Houses, you jump into the fray at the get go with a compelling hook and characters that’ll set the tone of the game and not let go. The game offers an addicting story that won’t let up no matter how much time has passed since I’ve last played it. The Fire Emblem formula has stuck with me since the FE: Awakening days and I love it today just as much as I did back then.

Fire Emblem is one of those games that doesn’t get old. The story will keep you hooked for hours and hours, even when you’re playing on an easier setting. Thematic battles, interesting character development, and challenging dungeons are some of the best things about the game. The good news is that if you’re a die-hard Fire Emblem fan and enjoy playing strategy games, the download version of this game is full of content that includes unforgettable characters, mind-wracking dungeons and powerful items that can make your gameplay a blast.

Final Recommendation

fire emblem three houses, nintendo switch fire emblem three houses, fe3h worth it

Would I recommend FE3H to new Nintendo Switch owners? Yes.

Would I recommend it to people who’ve never played the Fire Emblem series before? Heck yes.

This game is one of those games that manages to do a lot of things, from classroom simulator to strategic battle game, but does it right. It also has some of the coolest characters that makes me want to stop this review and play New Game+ mode right away. If I were to name a con, it might have to be

Overall Review of FE3H: 9/10

Go buy it now.

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