Best Anime VR Games To Add To Your Collection

Have you ever wanted to live in an anime world with your favorite waifus an arm’s length away?

Chin up, king. Your Isekai dreams are about to come true!

With a virtual reality console, you can experience anime games just like how you would escaping reality binging K-on! again. You’ll also interact with the anime-like world freely in 3D—something that a PC game or anime show can’t do.

While most VR anime games bring something (or someone) special for the right person, this list will those that fall under the S-tier category. *chef’s kiss*

Let’s look at the best anime VR titles for anime fans of all kinds!

1) Beat Saber

Beat Saber is a rhythm game set in a futuristic and electronic world, and one of the most beloved titles in the virtual reality world. As a matter of fact, Beat Sabers won The Steam Awards 2019 VR Game of the Year Award.

Using your VR controllers, you slash the platforms (or “beats”) as they come flying towards you. Each beat follows a visual cue to help you slice through the beats with the right directional swing. The pulsing music beats also bring a rush of adrenaline and work synchronously with the beats you see on-screen.

Beat Saber is a game that’s easy to learn and hard to master. It’s charming for the casual and competitive crowd alike. You can even compete in multiplayer mode and challenge your mortal enemies (aka online strangers) from anywhere around the world.

Anime fans can enjoy this game in the Windows Mixed Reality, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and Valve Index VR headsets.

2) Sword Reverie

Have you ever wanted to play as an anime protagonist? Do you like hacking and slashing your way against powerful adversaries?

If you’ve nodded with the strength of a thousand suns, Sword Reverie might be the catch you’re looking for. Aside from combat, the fantasy environment, new weapons, and abilities as you progress the world is full of life.

Sword Reverie is a JRPG-inspired VR action game that’s playable through Steam VR or on the Oculus Rift S. 

The game’s made by an indie team called Isekai Entertainment. These people are dedicated to bringing to life one of the first authentic anime titles in the virtual reality space.

This anime VR game is still in Early Access mode, but the developers plan to have 5 maps with unique boss encounters by the game’s final release. All with voice acting and a fully fleshed-out plot too!

3) Spice & Wolf VR 2

If you’re familiar with the classic anime, you know it: Lawrence and Holo make their glorious return in this VR game.

You find yourself in an idyllic remote bathhouse in the middle of the woods. Lawrence and Holo also have a daughter in this peaceful life.

The game comes with a story mode and a theatre-like game mode where you watch anime together with Lawrence and Holo. The style you can watch it in is Japanese paper street theater.

This wonderful VR experience called Spice & Wolf VR 2 brings a wonderful slice-of-life experience that’s short but juicy sweet!

4) Tokyo Chronos

Available in PSVR and SteamVR, Tokyo Chronos is a game where you (the protagonist) have to solve the case of a mysterious isolated Shibuya with 8 other people. What happened to the world and who are they?

The beginning of the game is a full-on mystery. But through adventuring and puzzle-solving, you begin to unravel the truth behind the story of this silent Shibuya.

This mystery-ridden game features multiple endings, which means you can go for a bad ending or a good ending. With over 15 hours of gameplay, you’ll be forced into decisions that’ll change the course of this mystery game in story-changing ways.

5) Hatsune Miku VR

The virtual singer Hatsune Miku never seems to age. Now, you can even play a rhythm game dedicated to her electronic beats in virtual reality!

The game is charming and similar to the aforementioned Beat Sabers. You capture the symbols as they fly across the screen as Hatsune Miku sings. Sounds easy, right? Well, buckle up kiddo, you can go in overdrive.

Challenges are possible. To do it, pick a song with long riffs and other more difficult challenges. Once you beat it, you’ll feel infinitely more triumphant rather than acing the Twinkle twinkle equivalent of this VR game.

Hatsune Miku VR also comes with DLCs to buy more song packs.

6) VR Chat

Cut the chatter, we know this isn’t an anime game. Nonetheless, many anime fans chill and play this free-to-play game to roleplay as virtually anything they want.

Want to roleplay as Sonic the Hedgehog, some titan on Attack on Titan or your favorite anime girl? Custom avatars for anime characters are playable and wearable – meaning you can roleplay as them in one of the most popular anime games.

Socially interacting with others in the various worlds found in the game is what makes the game fun. Interacting with people and dressing up is a staple for community-based players, it seems. (cough Among Us cough)

You can even use hand gestures, emotes, and benefit from the full range of motion in this game.

7) Megadimension Neptunia VIIR

Uzume Tennouboshi, one of the world’s last guardian, wages a war against the Dark CPU, a mysterious evil, which spiraled into a full-fledged war. Her pleas reached the world of Planeptune, where its guardian Neptune heeded the call to enter the battle.

This anime JRPG has a highly tactical combat system, visually captivating worlds, and a one-on-one mode to interact with the game’s characters. These are all captured in smooth and spankingly good graphics in a virtual reality system. 

If you’re a fan of female WAIFUs, strategic turn-based combat, and witty dialogue, Megadimension Neptunia VIIR is a game that you should add to your list.

What’s the best anime Rhythm VR Game?

Beat Saber is considered to be one of the best virtual reality games for anime fans. Its fun gameplay, thrilling electronic music, and futuristic world make it one of the best rhythm games in the virtual reality market above all the others.

Beat Sabers also has custom songs and an in-game level editor, unlike other similar VR titles.

Aside from Beat Saber, other popular and notable picks are Airtone, which is similar to Beat Sabers and comes with nearly 25 different genres of music; and Ragnarok, where you pound drums to the beat of Celtic rock and Viking power metal as a Viking

Are there any good hentai VR games?

YES! Surprisingly, hentai VR games are a thing. Many 3D hentai games exist to help lads and chads have sex with their favorite anime characters.

Most hentai VR titles can be found in a website called Waifu Sex Simulator is one such VR title that offers pure and unadulterated sexual experiences with a custom character that you can choose. It also allows you to install animations, custom scenes, and anime models the way you want.

Aside from that, many VR Porn games come real close to helping gamers have their very first girlfriend. Two of these titles include Let’s Play with Anna! and Let’s Play with Nanai! In those titles, you provide a sexual relationship with two girls with lovely and distinct personalities.

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