*NEWEST* OLED Nintendo Switch – First Look

After rumors have circulated with the latest Nintendo switch console coming out soon, we finally hear word from Nintendo with their latest console release – the OLED Nintendo Switch.

Having been announced simultaneously in the Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook accounts of Nintendo, there’s been a rumble in the Nintendo community over this latest console of 2021.

For $349.99 MS Retail Price, the Nintendo OLED Switch System is of a reasonable price all things considered – typical for a Switch console that’s rather dated. You can find this console on stores on Oct. 8, 2021.

Maybe it’s not the most… positive… response. But with features for this OLED Switch being similar to its predecessor, there’s not a whole lot of improvements that can be made.

Interested to know what the features are? Here they are:

Nintendo OLED Switch Features

  • Wide Adjustable Screen: You can flip out the sturdy stand in Tabletop mode for easy viewing.
  • Angle Freedom For Best Display: You can adjust your OLED Switch to find the best viewing angle for you, perfect for multiplayer games with your buddies!
  • Built in Wired LAN Port: You can play in online mode when you connect to your TV with this LAN port.
  • 64 GB Storage Space: Store games and apps of up to 64 GB in this latest Switch console.
  • Enhanced Audio: The Nintendo system’s speakers have undergone an upgrade for better quality sounds.

But perhaps, most impressive of all (by Nintendo’s standards), is the all-new, slightly enlarged OLED Nintendo Screen that rounds out to about 7 inches in width. Not a bad improvement – but is this new Nintendo Switch worth the extensive marketing campaign and announcement? It’s hard to say.

Nintendo OLED Switch Trailer

In the trailer, we get to see our crowd favorite Nintendo games on the OLED Switch:

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond, Mario Party, and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild are some of the games that managed to appear in this game.

Final Words

Are you looking forward to buying this new Nintendo Switch console? Are you looking the other way instead? Are you sick of the Switch and waiting for a new-gen console to come out altogether?

Be sure to share your thoughts on the comments section below. If you want to see more gaming content, don’t hesitate to subscribe and follow this site for the latest and hottest topics in gaming and more.


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