Learn How to Draw a Digital Art Girl in 5 Simple Steps

Digital art transcends traditional art—an emerging art technique that allows for more exploration, easier duplication, and the ever-handy “undo” tool.

But as we all know, the best tools won’t do a digital art girl artwork justice without a deft hand and a creative mind.

Artists and art enthusiasts, here are the digital art girl techniques you have to follow to unlock your artistic potential and create masterpieces.

First Things First, Choose Your Digital Tool

The internet has dozens of great tools that can aid you along your digital art journey. Here are some that we recommend (and their price points) :

Digital Art ToolsPrice (USD)
Clip Studio Paint EX $6.00/month or $219 one-time purchase
Procreate (iPad exclusive)$9.99/one-time purchase

Adobe Illustrator
$20.99/month as part of Adobe Creative Cloud

Once you’ve made your pick, click your tool of choice. Let’s begin the drawing process!

1. Create the Rough Sketch

In your new art tool, draw your girl in rough shapes. Make her face and overall structure rounded.

Draw a Digital Art Girl in 5 Easy Steps!
Source: Youtube

She doesn’t have to be pretty… yet. You’re just outlining at this stage. 

2. Draw the Face Features 

Create a new layer for the portrait. There, define her features—colour in her eyes, curl her lips, draw how her hair flows and so on. 

Alt: digital art of girl

Once your girl looks well-defined, you can play around with the brush sizes. This will add more depth to her features.

Generally speaking, aim to draw thick strokes where the shadows of your girl will be. Draw this well as this will serve as your base layer when you colour her in the later steps.

3. Paint In the Skin and Body

Before painting, create another layer. This makes editing easier as it doesn’t punish you for making a mistake. Choose the colour palette your girl will be painted in. Take your time making your choice and experiment with different shades.

Alt: digital art how to draw girls

Consider every detail—from her nose arch to the colour of her lips. Colour her hair and other parts of her body after.

4. Create a Shadow

Creating a shadow varies across digital art tools. In Procreate, you can multiply the layer and lower its opacity. Then, clip the shadow with the base colour.

If your digital tool permits, create a layer mask to edit the brushed-in shadow where the light rays hit. Overlay that layer, then apply light where it hits through warm tones.

5. Merge the Layers

Once you’re done and satisfied, merge the layers. After, you can adjust any mistakes using the Adjust tool or Liquify tool.

Now, onto more drawings!

BONUS: More Helpful Tips

  • Don’t be too hard on yourself. You won’t always get it right the first time. Keep practicing and hone your own unique style.
  • Having trouble making the anatomy look symmetrical? Flip your canvas and try working out the problem in this new perspective.
  • Find images and create a mood board for a source of inspiration.

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Thumbnail Source: Isgerd Var

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