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Must-Try Unli-Meat Restos in Cebu

SPOT.ph. Pop Feature, Lifestyle, Food (Top Magazine in PH)

Strategy Pokemon Pokedex (Gen 5) – Weezing

Smogon. Gaming, Pokemon, Technical

5 Differences: INTP and INFP

Psych2Go. (5.5M+ Subscribers) Screenplay Writer

The Best Kanji Apps in the Market for Learning Japanese

Box of Manga. Education, Technology, Review, Japan

A Lookback: The Downfall of Google+

Noteworthy- Medium (90k followers). Technology

6 Reasons Why Your Life is Boring

Psych2Go. Psychology, Mental Health, Education

Best Minecraft Light Source You Can Use

WhatifGaming. Gaming, Tutorial.

10 Careers an INFJ Would Excel In

Psych2Go. Psychology, Mental Health, Education

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